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About Our Handling of Personal Information

We handle customer information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

1. The purpose of this form is to receive questions regarding our company's products and services or employment at our company, or to take requests for price quotes for our products.

2. Filling out items on the contact form (in particular those marked with *) is optional, but our company may have difficulty replying if items are left blank.

3. We may entrust handling of personal information to cooperating businesses that have concluded the "Fundamental Transaction Agreement" and "Memorandum on Protection of Personal Information" with us, within the scope of achieving the purpose of use and in order to smoothly and efficiently execute our business activities.

4. We will store received personal information safely under strict management in order to prevent violations such as unauthorized external access, or loss or falsification of personal information.

5. Regarding your personal information, we accept requests to report purpose of use; disclose; amend, add, or delete details; suspend use; delete it from our storage; or suspend offering it to third parties (hereafter, "Disclosure, etc."). We accept inquiries about Disclosure, etc., at the Customer Support Desk below.

6. We ask for your prior understanding that we may be unable to respond to inquiries that fall under customer's own business purposes, or that fall outside the purposes of our own operations.