OSP Trading operates as a trading company
connecting the OSP Group both
domestically and internationally.

We actively work to handle all risk management and BCP (Business Continuity Planning) needs.
We try to secure multiple suppliers to ensure stable material procurement even in the face of natural disasters and extreme price fluctuations. As part of our efforts to provide steady availability of materials, we keep the procured materials in stock at our own warehouses.



Founded in 1927, OSP manufactures and sells labels, film sheets, and other packaging products both in Japan and around the world. With a primary focus on food packaging, OSP also handles a wide range of products including standard thermal and multi-design labels, and specialized RFID tags. OSP covers not only base paper production but also design and printing, offering a one-stop service for all such needs.
OSP holds a one-third share of Japan's label market. Offering high-mix low-volume production, OSP has its eyes set on the Pacific Rim, carrying out combined sales of labels and automatic labeling equipment.

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